1. No Spamming

– always try to post things that are constructive and add to the conversation. Marketing or advertising without moderator approval is not allowed and will result in a ban.

2. Use proper grammar and spelling

– you are IB students, leave the textspeak for whatsapp.

3. Don’t be a dick

– remember that you are talking to a human, and not a computer. Use the same standards of online behaviour online that you follow in real life.

4. Be courteous

– we encourage you to engage in debate and post things that are thought provoking, but try to show respect to everyone else on the forum.

5. Make use of the search function

– we don’t want to see the exact same topic posted over and over again.

6. Post in the correct forum

– this also includes posting irrelevant off-topic replies; just don’t do it.

7. Use descriptive titles

– you are more likely to get a good answer if you ask a good question. Be specific.

8. English, por favour

– we understand that the IB is a global diploma, but one thing that we all have in common is the English language.

9. Don’t cheat or plagiarise

– this is especially true during exam time; we will not tolerate discussion of exam material until the time zones have passed; you will be instantly banned if in violation.

10. Help the community

– get back to us if there are problems or you see someone breaking the rules; we want to hear from you.

We reserve the right to delete your posts or ban your account should any of these rules be violated.