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Wed Sep 20,2017 08:45 PM

I’m wondering if I should change to Maths HL from Maths SL. The reason is because having Maths HL will give me a wider range of options of courses to study in the future. I’m doing ok in maths SL and I heard HL is way beyond SL. So I would like to hear your opinion and advice.
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Thu Sep 21,2017 03:32 PM

How far into the subject are you? What's your current grade?
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Sat Sep 23,2017 09:59 AM

Well...I say that I’m doing alright in SL, but I don’t know my current grade
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Sat Sep 23,2017 12:13 PM

I'd say if you want to move to HL, you need to be doing more than okay in SL because Maths HL is one of those subjects where the HL course is a completely different one complexity and content wise. There's also gonna be the time, as Sky asked, how far into the subject they are. It may be that it's not possible for you to catch up. Especially that the year is very busy with IA's and then externals
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Sun Sep 24,2017 09:57 AM

It’s been only 3 weeks since the school started and the teacher told me that they are still doing foundation of Maths HL.
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Wed Dec 6,2017 08:34 AM

move to Hl stay for a year, if you think isnt for you then drop it, but make sure you take 4 HL and drop one at the start of the second year.

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