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Tue Dec 5,2017 08:52 AM

I’m trying to think of a question for my extended essay and I’m so torn. I really like bio and I want to study it in university, but I’ve heard doing an E.E in a science is really difficult. Alternatively I really enjoy global politics but I want to do something with environmental politics or something but I’m not sure if it’s too ‘wavy’ if it’s going to be marked by a global politics teacher... I do well in English and I find it quite easy so I’m sure it would be easy to do for EE but I’m not sure if I could write 4000 words about a comparison, and how would I choose what to compare? I’ve also heard history is an easy subject to do an EE in but I’m not that interested... any help?
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Tue Dec 5,2017 08:57 AM

choose whatever interests you, I’m sure that makes writing the EE easier. Make sure your topic is not too broad though.
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Tue Dec 5,2017 09:50 PM

bio wasn’t that bad
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Thu Dec 7,2017 12:34 AM

biology EE shouldn’t be that difficult. i have a friend who’s IA is more complicated than her EE. however, conducting the experiment really takes dedication and you may have some failed procedures. if you enjoy your experiment and the subject, though, it will be fun.

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