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Sat Dec 2,2017 08:48 PM

Could someone please help me find a good article my first HL economics IA. Here are the criteria:
-The article must be related to content we have covered in class (the foundations of economics and microeconomics- competitive markets, demand and supply, elasticities, and government intervention)
-The article must be from a reputable news source
-The article should be 1-2 pages long
-The article must be from within the last year
-The article must be about:
1. A government policy being implemented
2. An opinion on a policy that has been implemented
3. An opinion on a policy that should be implemented
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Sun Dec 3,2017 01:50 PM

Kinda wrong but ok. 1. News source doesn't matter. 2. article should be as short as possible as otherwise the evaluation is done for you. 3. it should just be about the implementation with as little opinion as possible.

BTW just go fit the implementation of a intervention. By far the easiest
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Sun Dec 3,2017 04:11 PM

thanks, how could I find one with the implementation of an intervention? like how would I start searching?

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