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Fri Dec 1,2017 02:57 PM

So I’ve completed my Gold DofE for which I did a 5 day expedition to Norway (we went hiking), could I use this as my CAS project?
It took us 2months to plan the whole trip and it was done collaboratively, the Active part is the 5 day hike. We were supervised by school staff, except for the hike (they met us at the start and collected us at the end).
Does this work?
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Fri Dec 1,2017 03:24 PM

My cas advisor told me that the project needed to show my leadership so maybe play up your leadership of the group when you write about it
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Sat Dec 2,2017 08:21 AM

I think you have the action and the creativity part of the CAS project done, only thing missing is service, did you raise any money of any kind?
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Sat Dec 2,2017 09:18 AM

But it’s not necessary to have all the parts (activity, creativity and service) in every cas activity. It’s perfectly alright to include that.
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Sat Dec 2,2017 05:17 PM

And a CAS project only needs to have 2 of the parts in it. No need to include service. Just play up your role in initiating and leading the activity if you can. Make it seem a bit more line it was your idea to do it.
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Sun Dec 3,2017 04:25 AM

Dule of Edinburgh? Just dont mention anything about CAS since they’ll reject it if they know you’re also doing it for CAS. Same thing vice versa.

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