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how is your essay going? i am struggling... any advice... how did you go about your essay?
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This is a nice one. There is an interesting book about the role of uniformity by Matt Stanley. I think I that this question allows or calls for some interesting comparisons between different AoKs. In the natural sciences uniformity is a must! Scientists not only assume that the laws of science are the same in Ecuador and New Zealand but also in Jupiter. So the way the universe works must be the same regardless of place and also of time. Further, others have argued that the magnitude of the forces of nature must also be the same (this is how Lyell (following Hutton) revolutionised geology. Uniformatarism not only required uniform laws in time and space and in magnitude. This also inspired Darwin to come up with natural selection...

On the other hand the arts don’t require this kind of uniformity...(perhaps they do within genre in music or within songs (rhyme, beats)...

What about religion ? In fact I’d argue that the modern Judeo-Christian religions rely on the rupture of uniformity as part of their faith

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