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Thu Nov 30,2017 03:30 AM

So I have French class and my teacher loves to get off topic a lot today we were talking about technology and the media and he randomly went off topic like how he does in every class we haven’t even presented our PBA for his class and that was given 3 -4 weeks ago and I keep reminding him of it and he keeps saying that we are going to present it next class but we never do he randomly talks about his life and cuts me off whenever I try and answer a question and said that we can’t be exempt from the semester final even though I already have the right paper work necessary. Do you think this is a good reason to get pics of his class? And he keeps bragging that he knows his French when he is Senegalese
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Fri Dec 8,2017 08:37 PM

@...well they do speak French in Senegal

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