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When I realized I had to take a language for IB I was nervous because the only one that was relevant to me was spanish. I panicked for the reason that I had no grasp of the language whatsoever no matter how hard I tried. I couldn’t even pronounce most of the words correctly or even understand standard vocabulary. Luckily I had the best spanish teacher which the course was hard but luckily she taught me to get a 5!!! Here’s some tips to get at least a 5.

Each weekend write a letter in spanish. This will be paper 2. I recommend looking at essays prompts from previous IB test. Here’s an example of the format they are looking for. ( sorry for bad quality).

Along with writing the letter, I highly recommend buying the ib spanish book with practice ws/test. These test are more difficult then the actual paper 1 so it will prepare you.

Lastly with the oral assessment I recommend searching random stock photos from the internet and simply describing them in Spanish. Just keep practicing.
Any questions just reply and I’ll do my best!

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