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Mon Nov 27,2017 05:01 AM

does anyone else have to completely teach themselves their TOK course? my TOK teacher is an academic math teacher trying his best but I feel kinda screwed. Does anyone have any tips on how to survive this?
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Mon Nov 27,2017 09:18 AM

Theory of Knowledge is hard. My “teaching” in it came mostly from the internet too. I mainly watched YouTube videos and visited a lot of websites dedicated to specifically theory of knowledge. My advice would just to do the same. Try your hardest and try to teach yourself. It’s not a good idea to try and do as you teacher says, if he is not an official tok teacher. It’s a tough subject and you need to pass it to graduate
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Mon Nov 27,2017 04:27 PM

I find that ToK is a discussion subject. Discuss it with your friends and do some research online for it.
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Sat Dec 16,2017 01:29 AM

The distinction between what they call first order and second order is key. Ensure that your engagement with the subject is second order.

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