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Sun Nov 26,2017 09:16 PM

Does anybody know a website where I can find real life situations for my TOK presentatio?

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Sun Nov 26,2017 10:43 PM

There’s not really a site. It’s one of the things you have to pull from the deep depths of your Tok mind. Pick something controversial
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Sun Nov 26,2017 11:17 PM

You can pick anything from a scene of something you saw on TV to something which took place in a classroom. Find something that interest you then think of a specific event or moment related to it, then just add some ToK and you got yourself a RLS
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Mon Nov 27,2017 01:46 AM

Definitely a good one would be terrorism
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Mon Nov 27,2017 05:02 AM

whats your presentation on
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Mon Nov 27,2017 09:33 AM

I would suggest picking a personal experience, perhaps an embarrassing moment, and seeing what ideas you can come up with based on that. I found that that worked for me :)

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