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Sat Apr 30,2016 01:48 PM

Hello, so my main problem with exams is that I get extremely extremely stressed out about them (to the verge of a panic attack). I am worried that this will affect my performance. Does anyone have any effective tips to feel less stressed or to not let it affect me? Thanks
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Sat Apr 30,2016 07:12 PM

What I usually do is try to do all my studying atleast a few days before the exam and then do something relaxing before the actual exam. I find that it helps me process what I have studied and brings my stress levels down before the exam.
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Sun May 1,2016 08:27 PM

I agree with Allestam! In fact, studying starting a week in advance might be best. I know exactly what you are talking about, I have really bad test anxiety. However, if you do study the material ahead of time and use lots of repetition with however you learn best, it can really help! Once the information 'naturally' and 'easily' comes to you, just remember that once you get to the test, you know the information! It's all just depends whether or not you can find it in that big brain of yours, haha. Good luck!
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Sat May 7,2016 04:57 AM

Get organized and make time to do something you like, so you don't feel so much stressed. Also you can look for a toy or something where you can take all the stress out. Many of my classmates suffer from stress due to IB, and for example I use my Rubik's cube to get distracted a little bit. Find something where you don't get hurt ;) haha
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Sun May 15,2016 05:58 PM

Do something that you really enjoy at least once every week. I know there is not much exams left to go through but what I've been doing for example is trying to go out for drinks with a friend at least once a week, party a bit and let go of stress ^^ After I don't know where you live, because going out in Europe is easy as the legal drinking age is 18 and they often don't check IDs :p

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