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Tue Nov 21,2017 01:09 PM

My IOC is in two days and I really need some help- I can’t form fluent sentences in front of people and can’t recall the simplest words and sentence structures (I could barely talk I my CAS interview today) and I’m really worried about my IOC- that I won’t be able to say anything comprehensible...
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Tue Nov 21,2017 02:16 PM

You should write the best notes you can and that only you understand. Also, the professor that listens to you is the one that will grade you so you should feel comfortable. Make it like if you are talking to someone and telling him or her about a theme that you like, even when you don’t. Finally, try to practice in front of your parents or brothers and ask them for advices
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Fri Feb 16,2018 05:48 PM

@I usually write a script and try to memorize it... that helps 89% of the time

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