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Sun Nov 19,2017 09:40 AM

Who’s doing it? Let’s start a discussion? Do you guys disagree or agree? (Robust knowledge requires consensus and disagreement)
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Mon Nov 27,2017 05:07 AM

im doing it & i agree!
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Wed Dec 6,2017 05:10 PM

@I picked the same question, my areas of knowledge are in physics, math and ethics. I think my conclusion will be that the answer is dependend
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Sun Dec 10,2017 10:04 AM

My AOKs are Human Science and Natural Science. I think my conclusion will be yes for both AOKs, however human science requires more consensus.
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Sat Dec 16,2017 01:31 AM

I guess it depends on the AoK. What is it about the nature of the aok that affects the answer to the question? What are the purposes of the aoks innquestion and do those purposes affect whether disagreement is welcomed ?

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