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Wed Nov 15,2017 02:02 AM

hi, I've pretty much finalized my DP choices, but am struggling between taking economics and theatre. I could take it at either HL or sl, if I were to take it sl though then it would be my fourth HL. Anyone have experience with these classes? I want to do something social science related, but neither would be extremely useful, but I'm interested in both.

just fiy my other classes are:
german A HL, biology HL and history HL,
then Math and English Lit at SL

thank youuu
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Wed Nov 15,2017 03:58 AM

hey there! i was in a similar situation last year, debating between taking art and economics- i ended up going with economics. personally, i think this choice was best for me as i am also quite into social sciences and hope to do something in this field. i find that economics relates much more to social sciences than any art, so i would recommend taking economics! however, it's a choice that's ultimately up to you! what area of the social sciences are you interested in persuing specifically? i could probably help more if i knew that :) sorry if this isn't much help!!
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Wed Nov 15,2017 08:56 AM

I'm in both and I just wanted to tell you that Theatre is great (I am in process of Collab Project and Director's notebook right now!!) but it requires A LOT of writing
It is not based on acting much, but is all about how much and how well you write. I have more theatre hw than English tbh. In fact today I didn't even get to sleep for at least an hour because we had 3 writing assignment for different projects due in the morning...
however, I do have to say that I absolutely love the class and the teacher I have! It's an amazing class if you like theatre))))
Econ is just an easy class tbh, I have a 6 predicted atm, and I don't even try haha, but I will probably get a 7 for it So that says a lot about the difficulty) It's easy and I like it as well!!

I'm taking both as HLs btw
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Thu Nov 16,2017 02:58 PM

My school has neither of these classes, and I️ wish I️ could have taken both! In terms of HL or not, evaluate the HLs you are taking (an HL math, language B or science is going to be WAY harder than HL history or language A) and then decide from there

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