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Mon Nov 13,2017 11:06 PM

Hello I am a IB junior in America and I was wondering what things can I do for my Creativity and Service Hours I really appreciate it Thank you

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Tue Nov 14,2017 12:42 AM

U can take a look at examples from other people in this forum. For example im learning how to use a digital drawing tablet for creativity, and for service im teaching math for junior kids near a loca church
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Tue Nov 14,2017 01:14 AM

Join an art or photography club or take a class in art either at school or in your community. For service see if you have any service clubs at your school or contact your local library or community center to look for opportunities.
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Tue Nov 14,2017 02:46 AM

Thank you you guys are great
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Tue Nov 14,2017 01:02 PM

@Creativity: Join Art Club, Join school yearbook team, Create a poster for a school event, Join the school production, Teach/Learn a musical instrument

Service: Join school yearbook, Plan/Join a charity run, Bake sale for a charity, Teaching refugee children, Helping younger students with homework in Homework Club, Awareness campaign for breast cancer (or something)

Most of these you can do as a CAS project as well and some can apply to both creativity and service. Good luck with CAS.

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