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Sun Nov 12,2017 05:07 AM

Hi guys!

I'm starting IB from next year! I want to be a doctor, and the uni(s) that I want to go to recommend doing 3 sciences in high school, and our school luckily offers 3 sciences for IB!

My subjects
: Bio HL
Chem HL
Phys HL
Eng HL (SL) (Will probably drop to SL but only am trying it out to see if I should drop Phys HL or Eng HL)
Maths SL
French B SL

(I'm mostly likely to drop Eng HL (not Phys HL).)

I personally really really enjoy the sciences (all of them!), and my Physics teacher told me and my parents that I should do all three of them higher next year in IB (so I hope I'm not completely useless at them??). I know it's going to be extremely tough, but I'm (kind of haha) ready to take on the challenge!

Any tips for Bio HL/Chem HL/Phys HL? Are there any good websites/apps (preferably free) where I can go on and kind of "prepare" myself and have an idea what sort of level the content is before I start next year?

Thanks everyone! :)
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Sun Nov 12,2017 07:01 AM

If you either download the bioninja app or go to the website then you can check out the syllabus, practice questions, etc etc!
Otherwise, for both physics and chemistry, you can search on google for the syllabus and then try to learn some of it from Khan Academy. (It's possible that the notation will be different in IB, though!)
There are also IB revision videos on YouTube that you can sorta use as a summary :))

Finally... Good luck, hahah! Enjoy your freedom while it lasts ;)
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Sun Nov 12,2017 08:04 AM

There’s a bioninja app?
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Sun Nov 12,2017 10:14 AM

I don't think it's possible to take 3 sciences in the IB. You need one social science (group 3) which I don't see in your courses
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Sun Nov 12,2017 11:42 AM

agree with sky.. also, i think you might have a death wish
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Tue Nov 14,2017 03:16 AM

@Start studying in now cover the all the topics for biology because it is possible I did it for both Chem and bio. Also I don't think you can take three sciences but u don't have to worry. I have already applied for medicine and they just needed bio and Chem not ohysics. Honestly choose the third HL as business as it is very easy to score in
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Mon Dec 11,2017 05:29 PM

@You need one social science though. So your choices are not possible

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