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Tue Nov 7,2017 12:46 PM

So, so far I have service hours but not any creativity or action what can I do for creativity and action? Any ideas?
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Tue Nov 7,2017 01:25 PM

You can draw or bake something for creativity. For action you could do yoga or go running or go swimming.
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Tue Nov 7,2017 02:57 PM

1) Scan or take photos of student art works in school and make a very simple magazine showcasing it
2) Organising a small singing/poster making/talent/comedy competition for people to participate
3) Have a bake sale for a cause - Donating money to charities
4) Creating/Joining an art/origami/singing/ club in school to lead

1) Creating/Joining a sports club
2) Join a local sporting tournament
3) Join one of those 5km or obstacle course races
4) Organise a 24-Hour Race Run in your school - This is a great CAS project as well
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Wed Nov 8,2017 12:57 AM

Go for walks in your city/town (action) and take pictures/vlog while you’re doing it (creativity)

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