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Fri Nov 3,2017 12:19 PM

Hey guys, my IA is a replication of Glanzer and Cunitz (1966), in which I investigate the recency effect in depth by randomy dividing the sample into two groups and giving the second group a distraction task after the same slideshow of words is presented to both, so that my hypothesis would be that they would remember less words overall and more specifically less of the last section. for my inferential statistics section, I have to conduct the mann u whitney test, and i have a question about which data i should enter: Do I put the amount of words remembered per participant? IE sample 1: in the order of each participant and then the total remembrred by each individual
or do I put in the words and how many times they were remembered by the group members?

So like in the first column (group1) word n1 was remembered x amount of times

thanks guys!!
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@This is a difficult one, do you mean in your raw data (appendix) or the essay itself?

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