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Mon Oct 30,2017 10:10 PM

Guys can someone please please please help me out with my English Written Assignment for 'The Stranger' by Camus? My teacher doesn't help me at all she can barely speak English
I am writing about:
The significance of language and emotion
in relation to The Stranger’s depiction of society.

I'm in English A Lit
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Tue Oct 31,2017 12:51 PM

What exactly do you need help with? I haven't read the work but I know how to write a written assignment
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Sun Nov 5,2017 02:42 AM

I would talk about meursaults lack of emotion and how it makes him a potential danger to society as well as his lack of proper communication. You could contrast this to Raymond and him being over emotional (spitting in his girlfriends face) and how this can also be dangerous in society. As well, it is a lack of language, or communication, that lead to the deathly encounter between meursault and the Arabs.
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Fri Mar 9,2018 07:47 PM

I only read the work in french and not for class but it is I think important to investigate its historical significance: Algeria as a french colony and the tensions that this instilled. In the french text there are more than nods towards this « Le président m’a dit dans une forme bizarre que j’aurais la tête tranchée sur une place publique au nom du peuple français". Also think about Camus theory of the absurd. Ultimately life is absurd, it will always end in death so no matter how mausault acts, he knows throughout the work that he will die. This is perhaps foreshadowed by the death of his mother. He feels no emotion because c'est la vie! It was going to happen at some point. Being Algerian he knows that his indifference to life it met by the indifference of society to him. Also, Camus is thus perhaps saying that only revolt can rise to challenge the absurd... maybe he is trying to highlight the inequality in colonial society? The Algerians should revolt because currently their actions are only met with indifference. Society seems very ready to put words unspoken in mersaults mouth in order to make his actions understandable. So far this relates to emotion or the lack of. As for language, going by the french text, it contains no or little emotion and primarily denounces the banality of life. There is no relief, only constant tension because of the lingering absurdity of the situation. Meursault is taciturn.

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