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Sun Oct 29,2017 11:36 AM

Hey guys:) I'm about to start the IB program in a couple months and am still in the stage of choosing my subjects. I've managed to narrow it down to:

Math SL
Biology SL
History SL
Bus. & Man. HL
Chinese B HL
English A LAL HL

I'm interested in the field of journalism, media, communications, or business management and was wondering if the subjects I've chosen are appropriate.

I've also heard a lot of people say Business Management HL and English A HL are very difficult and nearly impossible to get 7s. I also originally wanted to go for History HL since I love the subject but I've been advised against it as apparently it's hard to achieve a 6 let alone a 7 in that subject. Many have also told me that Business Management isn't taken as seriously as Economics and I am torn between the two.

I have 0 knowledge on the IB Program and can really use some advice and suggestions!!! Thank you :))
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Sun Oct 29,2017 03:07 PM

For economics I would say it’s a matter of interest but econ is generally the more respected one but the HL is a lot more difficult than the SL
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Sun Oct 29,2017 06:22 PM

Honestly I would also add that if you are going to take History SL, you might be better off taking Geography as the third SL, as it is a much lower stress class, especially if you think you’re going to have difficult HLs. Geography SL also can give a lot of free periods. Talk to your teacher, but mine did it where I had 0 free periods during DP1, but when it came to DP2, I only had to do one optional theme that year and the rest of the time was free periods. This helped me a huge amount with getting homework and studying done for my HL classes. Especially because I took Bio and Chem HL
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Sun Oct 29,2017 07:04 PM

Yes I was considering taking Geography as well since it's a relatively easy subject, but I wasn't sure if Geography as a course had any relevance with the field I am interested in in the future? Perhaps it is relevant I just don't have much knowledge on the subjects
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Sun Oct 29,2017 07:04 PM

Your subjects seem good on what you want to study. However I would advice taking economics sl instead of history.

Getting the grades you need / want in your subjects is really subjective. It heavily depends on your school, teacher and what you are willing to do. In our region there are 3 ib schools. One with 24points average (so half of them failing ib), one with 30 points average and mine with 36 points average. Even in our school grades depend on the teacher so lining a subject to a grade doesn't really work. However the IB publishes a report on grades earned for each subject. Maybe look at that
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Sun Oct 29,2017 10:13 PM

Ultimately you should definitely look at the requirements for the school you are going to go to. If you want to go to the UK, they’ll definitely want certain classes, but some schools in the US are less strict with which classes you take, and more concerned with how you do. And geography has a lot of potential use in fields like business, because the IB geography is mainly about humans, not really much at all about physical geography.
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Mon Oct 30,2017 11:17 AM

hey. i posted a pretty big chapter on choosing subjects in this forum a while back. you can find it searching ‘choice’ in the search bar. its something like ‘chapter 3: subject choices..’. have a read!
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Mon Oct 30,2017 11:40 AM

I did both history HL and geography HL, managed to get 7 and 6 respectively, but I would say geography was a lot harder than history ... After all, it’s a matter of preferences, what you like and don’t, what you want to study etc. :)))
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Mon Oct 30,2017 12:50 PM

English A LAL HL is not that bad, really just a lot of reading. However, my school doesn't offer it as an SL so I have nothing to compare to. English is consistently the top scoring subject also at my school though so probably just depends on the teachers.
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Sun Dec 3,2017 11:05 PM

If you don’t need maths in your career, I recommend studies as it will make it just that bit easier

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