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Sun Oct 29,2017 12:09 AM

Do you think they would allow me to use some of Leonid Afremov’s work for the comparative study in visual arts on standard level? My teacher doesn’t recon that he’s famous enough, and i’m not saying she’s wrong but please comment opinions or knowledge on the matter :)
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Sun Oct 29,2017 06:54 PM

@Im sure you can use any artist except from deviantart or social media, there's nothing that says that the artist has to be famous. Also I googled your artist and I recognize his work so idk what your teacher is going on about LOL
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Mon Oct 30,2017 12:49 PM

You just have to be able to get enough information on the artist and artwork. If you can’t then you might want to find a new artist but otherwise you should be fine.
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Mon Nov 6,2017 07:37 PM

Any artist can be used, at least that’s why my teacher says
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Sat Dec 2,2017 09:27 AM

Yep, the important part is that you can find enough information about it. If you do then it’s perfectly okay.

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