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Fri Apr 29,2016 02:35 PM

Hi, I have chosen computer science higher level and I was wondering what to expect from the course since it is the first year it is available in our school.

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Fri Apr 29,2016 07:20 PM

Computer Science HL isn't easy but it isn't too hard either. What most beginners find challenging is the programming part but if you work on it you'll be fine. The rest is theory
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Fri Apr 29,2016 07:56 PM

I know a lot of people taking the course and they say the same thing. As long as you remember what was taught in SL you'll be fine apparently :)
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Fri Apr 29,2016 09:39 PM

Yeah, the thing is I haven't taken SL since I'm in Pre-IB so I'm starting with HL directly. If anyone has any tips on how to prepare for the course I would appreciate it greatly aswell
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Sun May 1,2016 02:51 PM

Make sure you understand all the programming from the beginning
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Tue Jun 14,2016 09:56 PM

In the beginning it is hard if you have no prior programming skills, but then you pick it up, and when the programming gets harder, keep trying or else you get lost in the whole syllabus... Its what happened to me.
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Fri Jun 17,2016 07:46 AM

Advice about comp sci: I just finish my 1st CS practice IA in pre IB and it took forever to do. There were many late night leading up to the due date. My advice is don't leave Comp sci IA to the last minute. I didn't leave everything to the last minute but still I left quite a bit to the last minute. Also debugging takes a lot of time.
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Mon Jun 27,2016 02:55 AM

Does anyone have a site that gives u basic programming. I'm still stuck with that
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Mon Jun 27,2016 08:44 AM

I have heard that codeacademy is a great site if you are just starting out
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Thu Nov 17,2016 10:20 AM

I did CS HL and got a 7. Currently enrolled in a MSci Computer Science student at University.

Computer Science HL comes down to your programming skills. Programming is not something you can learn in a couple of weeks. It is a subject that grows on you. Start with the programming straight away, and do it a lot! Having a mini-project every week is gonna help you through it. eg. hangman, sudoku and more advanced stuff like chess or checkers when you get the hang of it.
The theory bit is ok, but the discrete mathematics can be challenging for some.

Also your Paper 3 is a case study. Beware that you will need to spend a lot of time doing research and being all on your own, since you teacher wont necessarily know the topic any better than you initially do. Remember that there are no relevant previous papers for this.

The IA is also a bit different than other Group-4 subjects, whereas in the other sciences you just do a big experiment - in CS you have to design, develop and implement a system for a real customer. It is fairly straight forward as you are mostly graded on the documentation and implementation, and not the programming itself.

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