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Thu Oct 26,2017 12:30 AM

Hi there guys. I have a pretty good balance with everything aside from activity. I just started my junior year but have 0 ideas for what I can do in this area. I don't do any sports within school. I am fairly athletic so I like to run and cycle at home but I'm not sure how I could log that. I don't have an issue with setting up a logging system for when I work out, my issue is about the part about writing down a supervisor. I wouldn't be able to get a trainer or someone. Do you guys have any ideas for who I could get to sign off on this? Maybe like an aunt or something since they're not my immediate family? Also any other ideas for things I could do within the activity section?
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Thu Oct 26,2017 02:58 AM

Can your cas coordinator sign off if you log down your hours and get parents to sign that you did it every week.
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Thu Oct 26,2017 06:59 PM

You can download an app por fitness and make screens every time you do exercise, the progress is seen very easily and you don't need anyone to sign anything

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