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Thu Oct 19,2017 07:25 PM

Hi ! I am a DP2 student struggling with Biology HL and begging for some help. In return, I can help you in English, Spanish and ITGS.

If you think you can help me, please do not hesitate to contact me!!
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Thu Oct 19,2017 08:48 PM

@I am also a DP2 student taking Bio HL. Any topics in particular you are struggling with? I'd be glad to help.
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Fri Oct 20,2017 02:29 PM

I'm a DP year 2 Biology HL student. What kind of help do you need in particular. I can help you in ways of studying/ resources
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Fri Oct 20,2017 02:34 PM

Similar situation here. I have a new IB Biology teacher who is inexperienced in IB so I am extremely worried about Bio HL exam. @aye.bee it would be really nice if you could send me some resources. My email is
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Fri Oct 20,2017 08:32 PM

@well I m not taking Biology but I need some help with ITGS and English. Do you have some resources for those?

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