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Wed Oct 18,2017 05:24 PM

Okay so i take psych HL and at the moment psych is the only subject i feel like i don’t really understand when i read in our book. The thing is my teacher doesn’t teach according to the syllabus but what he “feels like” and he doesn’t take any of us students seriously or even listens to us. Along with that his favourite things to do is to cut us of when we’re talking and complain about how much he hates us. Either way i feel like this is gonna affect me really badly since i already now feel sooooo behind (i’m in DP1) and the stress for the final exams are already kicking in due to this and i just don’t know what to do.
Nina Sørensen
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Wed Oct 18,2017 07:46 PM

@You could try to talk to somebody in the office or idk if you have a student councilor or something, it also might help to get as many people in your class to agree or sign up for the want of a new teacher. In my class we've also had those kind of oroblems but the councilor told us to try to talk to the teacher and then give her a couple of weeks to see if he'd change. Idk how your authorities will respond to the request.
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Wed Oct 18,2017 10:34 PM

^^^ definitely talk to your councilor
However if they don't do anything then your best bet is to study independently with help of online resources. Ask around her if any other psych students can help.
I understand your struggle, not with psych as I don't have it but with many of my other courses unfortunately
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Mon Oct 23,2017 09:34 AM

Im so sorry for hearing this out, but if u need help u can msgs me since im takin psy HL as well and i pretty much enjoy it since my teacher is super nice and helpful xx

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