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Wed Oct 18,2017 05:16 AM

Today I did my tok presentation and apparently you can't read off of note cards. I have to redo my presentation once everyone has gone and basically speak off the top of my head instead of use the script that I wrote. Is anyone else aware of this hidden part of the rubric or any other hidden parts that I should probably know about?
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Wed Oct 18,2017 03:23 PM

@helens924 that's weird because we could read off our script
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Thu Oct 19,2017 02:43 AM

We read off our script also
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Thu Oct 19,2017 05:10 PM

Tend to think you should not read off one but the rubric says nothing about it. Read the subject guide. You can, according to IB rules re do the presentation as many times as you like. But you needs new KQ and a new RLS.

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