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Fri Oct 13,2017 09:23 PM

At my school we have limited options in terms of choosing SL or HL. So my HLs right now are Anthropology, Visual Arts, Biology, and English. All of those have to be HL except for Biology which I could change to SL. Some of the other classes have alternative classes, but ones I'm not interested in. For instance, I could change Visual Arts where I actually do art to World Arts and Cultures where I only study art. So my question is, should I stay in HL Biology? I want to, but 4 HLs could mean a lot of work with very little time. Additionally, my teacher isn't that great, he's new to IB, and really doesn't understand it (he taught us very general concepts, then only used questions from the IB on our test, and no one understood anything because it wasn't what we learned in class at all. Most of us are self-taught in the class so far). Also, like many other IB students, I've filled a lot of my time with other things like clubs. Truthfully, I am leaning towards keeping my 4 HLs, but I'm curious if there are any reasons to go to 3 I haven't thought of, or that I haven't realized.
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Sat Oct 14,2017 12:08 AM

4 HLs will kill you tbh
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Sat Oct 14,2017 04:05 AM

Depends on your interest, if you like biology, there’s no reason why it can’t be HL. Just need to put in some extra work!
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Sat Oct 14,2017 09:13 AM

Why do you have to take the other 3 as HL subjects?
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Don’t do 4 IBs. I did 4 in my first year and almost died. Don’t do it.
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Sat Nov 25,2017 12:51 PM

4 HLs is unrealistic tbh. don’t forget you have EE, TOK essay, IAs for each subject and a CAS project to plan, which will consume a lot of time.

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