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Fri Oct 13,2017 08:17 PM

Hello! I am currently doing my personal project and I am writing my process journal on a google document.

I was just wondering if anyone who is doing or has done the personal project knows if writing it online is a good idea, and if so how to layout the process journal so that it looks clean, not too messy and professional?

Thank you so much!
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Fri Oct 13,2017 08:27 PM

@Hi! I did mine on a word doc, you will be fine. With that in mind, do your best to replicate the layout. In order to achieve almost identical look, download the journal pdf from ManageBac. Then copy the style and you are done!
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Wed Oct 18,2017 06:37 PM

Hi, do you have some tips for the personal project
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Mon Oct 23,2017 04:15 PM

Hey, I used Blogger as my journal for my PP and it was totally fine - just make sure to post constantly and always update the journal! I got a 7 for my PP :)
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Mon Oct 23,2017 07:37 PM

@flowerpot thank you!
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Sun Oct 29,2017 12:51 PM

In the end you only use a few journals so make like three or four really long ones including a lot of information instead of loads of small ones
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Fri Nov 3,2017 11:03 PM

@ewa.ward ok thanks!
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Sun Feb 18,2018 04:22 AM

I’m doing mine on paper just to show a variety of organization techniques, but it’s really about what is best! good luck on your project! ours are due this week and i’m stressing hard :/

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