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Thu Oct 12,2017 12:48 PM

I recently switched subjects to history and have been catching up during the break. I am used to subjects like math and chemistry where I only need to understand a formula or concept and then I'll be good to go, so the note-taking is simple there. What I've noticed with history is that it's so extensive and takes way too much time the way I'm doing it now, which is basically taking regular notes.
TL;DR: Studying and taking notes for history is taking too much time for me.

Does anyone have any tips or techniques on how to study history in an effective and smart way? E.g. How to memories events and causes, historiography, etc.
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Thu Oct 12,2017 01:31 PM

I find that writing the important facts down but reading everything helps.
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Thu Oct 12,2017 06:33 PM

If it's writing you struggle with then you could type up your notes and print them off when studying
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Sat Oct 21,2017 07:54 AM

@Mind maps are really useful, especially for essay plans and causes. Also flashcards are useful for when you know the content and want to test yourself.
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Sat Oct 21,2017 07:57 AM

@For historiography I recommend highlighting and annotating articles, my teacher gives us a good selection as an 'article booklet', so it might be worth asking your teacher? When you know the core argument of the historian's article, add that to the mindmap which had the content and from there you could build an essay plan.
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Mon Oct 23,2017 05:41 AM

If you’re taking notes from a PowerPoint or a video in class, handwrite them. When you go back through to study them, type them up and highlight what is important like effects of something or important names and events. This helps me a lot because it helps review information we learned in class.

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