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Mon Oct 9,2017 11:12 AM

I'm DP1 and I want to add some more Activity stuff to ManageBac (I'm good on creativity and service so far) but I can't really think of anything Activity stuff I can do when it's cold. My cohort is talking about starting a yoga group and in the spring I want to learn how to golf, but that's only during spring. Any help would be much appreciated!!
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Mon Oct 9,2017 11:34 AM

Perhaps ice-skating if you have the possibility? Otherwise, if there's a local indoor swimming pool in your town you could go there. Same with indoor gyms. Some guys in my class started up a sports club where they use our school's gym hall each week to do basketball, football, etc.
Jogging/running is also possible during winter! (Although I personally hated since I get all wheezy afterwards). There are many possibilities :)
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Mon Oct 9,2017 12:18 PM

If you are interested in yoga, we can start a group here through this app and do skype yoga together. One of the old IB students have done that.
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Mon Oct 9,2017 12:50 PM

Skiing or snowboarding? Or maybe ice sculpting?
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Tue Oct 10,2017 12:14 AM

@First aid courses, a good couple of hours + necessary skill for multiple jobs and works in uni and college.
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Tue Oct 10,2017 01:53 AM

@amdan @ShivaniSurti @a.alesta @Ironbum thank you so much! Those are all really good ideas
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Tue Oct 10,2017 02:55 PM

U can go to the gym, u can easily make it a cas project, working on personal recreation and challenging yourself.

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