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Sun Oct 8,2017 09:10 PM

[ keep in mind that I want to go to Parsons for fashion photography and design ]

Is it worth taking SL maths, I just did a test and got a Level 3
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Sun Oct 8,2017 11:23 PM

Its worth it taking SL bc a lot of majors that dont require math HL at least requires u to take math SL
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Sun Oct 8,2017 11:23 PM

Just work your butt off and you can improve :D its not worth taking studies imo
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Wed Oct 25,2017 01:05 PM

It depends on what you want to major in for university. I'm taking studies and what's because I genuinely don't need SL for my course because why give yourself extra work for nothing, also a lot of the unis I asked (especially uk) said that they don't care what level as long as you have some sort of math. But if youre capable of doing SL then just continue because it won't hurt you
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Sat Nov 25,2017 12:54 PM

it’ll be hard for you to qualify for unis if you take studies. my boyfriend takes math studies and he’s having trouble in his uni apps. math SL is really worth it, compared to studies.
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Sat May 25,2019 03:07 PM

I know this is an old thread, but I am going to university next year on a full ride (plus stipend and academic enrichment money), and I took studies. If you take SL and it hurts your gpa, that can hurt college chances way more than taking studies.
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Tue Oct 22,2019 11:59 PM

I know this is super late but my best friend took math studies in diploma IB and got a huge entry scholarship in a school with a great reputation (and he’s in engineering, so the math is really important). If you don’t need the math too much, you’re better off staying in studies.

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