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Sun Oct 8,2017 09:05 PM

First year student here! Do any SL/HL visual art students have any advice or helpful tips? Specifically time management related?

I feel like I’m always having to stay up all night just to finish my process pages and school has only just started a month ago :(
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Sun Oct 8,2017 09:44 PM

@I have the same. Don't worry. It's almost half of October and I still haven't done any pages of my journal. Plus cas makes everything more complicated
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Sun Oct 8,2017 09:45 PM

@Oh and I have the visual art HL
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Sun Oct 8,2017 10:27 PM

While that may seem like a lot now. It is great that you are doing that. If you don’t do it now it will be more work later. For time management I recommend planning out how what you need to do each day. That is what has helped me keep on top of stuff.
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Mon Nov 6,2017 07:39 PM

Journal is not that important, at the end of the day you’ll have to do a Process Portfolio and that’s it. Just get your hands to work ASAP, my exhibition is in March and I have so much left to so
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Mon Nov 20,2017 02:00 AM

I took visual art SL last year and my advise is to take pictures of everything you do for your process portfolio and start your comparative study early. Our teacher didn't manage our class well so we were starting them a month before they were due and it was terrible

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