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Thu Oct 5,2017 11:31 AM

So guys, I'm deciding to move schools and basically for my gcses I did both econ and business and I liked both of them a lot. However, now in IB I have to pick one of them at HL and I really don't know which one to choose. Honestly, I prefer both which is why it's hard to pick,
but in terms of universities, do they like students who do economics more over business or do they treat them similarly? Does anyone have any personal experiences regarding this?
Dhun Poptani
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Thu Oct 5,2017 03:19 PM

If you’re looking at USA then there are some prerequisites where they want you to know Economics concept like micro, macro basics. If you’re looking for a business course in USA then Economics in IB should be dome to give you an advantage. Likewise, taking both also won’t be a bad as it’ll make it easier for you. If you’re gong for an economics course in university then taking Economics makes it easier for you. If you’re doing business and Economics together then you can do both or Economics since it is needed as prerequisite. There’s no such preference given in universities based on econ or business.
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Thu Oct 5,2017 05:56 PM

depends where you want to apply for uni, but many UK unis consider business as “not a real subject”, if you want to apply for a more scientific or economic degree ... whereas economics is always valued. if you want to apply to something business related, then of course business is the better choice!
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Thu Oct 5,2017 06:50 PM

That's what I've heard as well about business being treated as a "soft subject". The thing is I have a lot of interests; I'm into psychology, journalism & mass communication and marketing. According to these career fields should I do business or Econ HL, if I want to apply to USA and the U.K. bc I'm fine w either.
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Sat Oct 7,2017 02:26 AM

Idt business is a soft subject. Business is really hard considering that it has a lot of writing and memorization
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Thu Dec 21,2017 10:57 PM

Business is easier in the sense that it’s more learning and regurgitating whereas econ is more understanding and appliance. I do econ HL and I think it’s a good HL to have, the IAs are only 750 words and paper three is calculations and it’s very easy to pick up marks so even if your other papers don’t go so well paper three can boost your grade. The business HL IA apparently takes 2 months to write...

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