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Sun Oct 1,2017 10:30 PM

I have no idea what to do for my CAS Project and I’m meeting with my supervisor tomorrow to discuss it, however, she isn’t much help. Any ideas?
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Sun Oct 1,2017 11:35 PM

@Creactivity it's easy. You can do photos, drawning, watching series and films counts too!
Activity: Riding a bike, do some exercises, maybe jogging? I don't know what you like
Service: it's more complicated but you can help even in your school's library or your neighbour in math or English classes. Maybe you want to volunteer in any event made by your city?
Hope, I helped ;)
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Mon Oct 2,2017 04:45 AM

Well a Cas project has to include at least two of the cas components. So for example mine is creativity and service in my schools broadcasting team. I edited and filmed, taking time out of school Or weekends to do what was needed. And I was a leader because I was the assistant production manager
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Mon Oct 2,2017 04:48 AM

You could set up an event that gives money raised to a charity. Lead a youth group. Teach kids a sport or how to paint or something. If you're a leader in a club that can be a cas project as well

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