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Sat Sep 30,2017 06:21 AM

I just started CAS and need more action hours. I really like swimming so I wanted to do it as one of my activities, but I'm not sure how to prove that I've done it..

For ex, I'm running and using an app that's tracks how many km I do, etc. But for swimming I obviously can't do that.

I saw a lot of people online use swimming for CAS, so if anyone knows how I could do it (without my supervisor actually being present white I'm swimming), I would appreciate your help!!
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Sat Sep 30,2017 08:51 AM

Take a video of you swimming, that would be enough evidence.
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Sat Sep 30,2017 11:45 AM

@Maybe have someone take a picture of you swimming? Or if you can't take a phone/camera directly to the pool area then maybe the supervisor will accept a photo of you in front of the building? (like next to a sign saying it's a pool or sth)
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Sat Sep 30,2017 05:04 PM

CAS is moderated by your coordinator, whom tells IB weather you've completed it or not. So its their personal preference, best bet would be to ask them just in case

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