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Mon Sep 18,2017 11:59 PM

I have to do mine sometime this fall and was just hoping for some advice!
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Tue Sep 19,2017 05:25 AM

I did mine last year, it requires a lot of revision and being able to annotate poetry very well. On what book is it based on?
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Tue Sep 19,2017 12:19 PM

from what i’ve heard the poetry isnt that hard because all you have to do is talk about the stuff you read and literally devices and a little bit about the author. What really scares me is the storybook part. Like what the hell am I supposed to talk about in a storybook
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Tue Sep 19,2017 06:32 PM

I did my official IOP on pride and prejudice and I got predicted a 7, so I would advise you to know your topic pretty well (this might sound obvious, but surprisingly a lot of people in my class were unprepared and ended up stuttering and stumbling through the whole thing).

If you are confident in presenting, that will definitely help your grade because it shows that 'you know' what you're talking about. If you sound confident, you could be saying bs and it could fool the teacher (to a certain extent of course).

Just structure your points like you would for any other English essay, and you should be fine! Don't waste time on irrelevant facts- try to be concise in your points so that you don't end up rambling on and on about 1 insignificant quote.

Good luck!

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