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Mon Sep 18,2017 08:08 PM

I take chem HL, love it, but not planning to do anything with it later on.
I take philosophy SL, like it, and it is less content than chem therefore I could spend more time studying other subjects i.e. Math (not that good at it), also Im not planning to do anything with this subject.
What would you recommend?

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Can't say anything for certain because even though I do Chem HL I haven't done any HL content yet, but I've heard from people that it gets difficult and that you need to work a lot with it. Since you're not planning to do anything with it, I would perhaps then recommend philosophy since it's less work and then you can focus on getting good grades overall
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I would recommend chemistry because you could possibly test out of general science in college, but it really depends on what you like better and how many HLs you are taking. You have to decide if you have enough time between your other classes to continue with the HL.
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Tue Sep 19,2017 06:18 AM

TAKE PHILOSOPHY HL! I don't know about philosophy bur chemistry HL is tough, and it's not even the content it's the complexity of the material. So even tho you love it, you don't need it. So an SL level would be enough to satisfy your interest in the subject. Especially if you need to spend more time on math, drop from chem HL
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Chemistry HL is a nightmare. If you don’t need it and you’re sure you don’t need it then go for something that you enjoy and like. Remember Ib is more about the final mark than what contents you have. I mean sure that is important as well but the final grade matters so much. In your case, you dont need chemistry so just think about which one gives u a higher mark
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Chemistry, I'm also taking HL Chem and SL philosophy. My philosophy class is HL and SL people mixed and I can tell u it is literally the same. The only difference is that HL will study political philosophy and SL won't. Otherwise the expectations for essay writing and stuff is the exact same. You won't get anything more out of doing HL philosophy. Although I will say I'm planning on doing chemistry related stuff in the future but HL philosophy is basically pointless. But, why are u spending time doing two in courses that are useless to u? Why don't u take other courses that will be more beneficial??
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Unless u are really considered about study time in which case I will agree that chemistry takes a lot more work than philosophy, but still.
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concerned* lol not considered
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if i had the chance, i would take philosophy. i wrote my ee on philosophy and it was very rewarding. chem is also a lot of fun. consider the teacher, the college credit, and the relevance to your future

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