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Sun Sep 17,2017 04:06 PM

I'm around four weeks into the IBDP program now and I'm facing a huge decision on whether I should drop out of history HL and switch to business HL (which is an online course).
I really don't know if this is a good choice or not. History HL just seems too stressful right now.
Any suggestions on what I should do?
Is the business course more beneficial than history?! HELP PLEASE!

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Sun Sep 17,2017 06:02 PM

I'm in year 2 and take them both HL, I have four HLs cause I'm insane. For me, Business is my "easy" subject, as I took it for the IGCSEs. I honestly love history, it's one of my favourite subjects ever but I will admit it's a lot of memorising and lot of work (my teacher has us writing an essay a week) I guess it all depends on what you are most interested in and what you want to study. I for example, adore history and my mum has a business I'll probably help in at some point in my life, so history is out of love and business out of convenience. If you're not planning on using either in the future, then go for what interests you most.
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Sun Sep 17,2017 07:38 PM

Business HL is not hard. I would totally change.
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Sun Sep 17,2017 09:01 PM

As the other 2 have mentioned, Bus HL is a relatively easy course. We finished the 5 topics in the first year and now have the second year to just focus on our IA's, CUEGIS and Revision. It's a very doable and straightforward subject.

When it comes to history, I've never liked it, but it's up to you and what degree you want to pursue in uni. However, you have to consider the fact that if you choose to switch to Bus HL...you'd have to take it as an online course because that's what your school offers. This means that you would have to be more independent and put in the extra effort; but if what you want is to reduce your work load, I'd definitely recommend that you switch to Business HL. There's no weekly essays or anything like that; just purely understanding the concepts, key terms, theories and then applying them in case studies. There's of course more to bus HL than just case studies, but this is a very simplistic way to put it.

Hope this helped :)

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