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Sun Sep 10,2017 10:29 AM

Does anyone have essay plans for the factors that impacted Japanese Foreign Policy from 1919-31?

Or just any general advice for exam technique ? Got my first practice paper tmr, my biggest worry is the time :-/
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Sat Sep 23,2017 09:32 PM

Hey how did it go? If it's not too late, I'm in my first year of History HL currently and we're learning about your exact topic. So message me if you want to discuss it
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Sat Oct 7,2017 08:29 AM

@mgubiev I got a 6, pretty happy with that! Good luck with HL ☺️
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Sat Feb 10,2018 12:18 PM

@avantika do you have any notes that you could share? i would be really thankful

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