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Fri Sep 8,2017 10:09 AM

Hey. I need to decide what question am I gonna answer for my Business IA in HL. Im doing it about a consultancy business and, if possible I wanted to relate it to Marketing as its the part of a business im most interested on but also i thought of involving the use of social media in it. What do you guys think? Any ideas for my IA? If you think any other business area is suitable for it please also tell me (not very good at finance, i gotta say).

Thanks and good luck this two years
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Sat Sep 9,2017 05:57 AM

Well it could be as simple as a study on how convenient Marketing on Social Media would be for the business? You could look at their customer and potential customers and analyse whether or not advertising in that way would make sense and be convenient. Not sure if you could get an entire IA out of that though? You could also suggest several other ways of marketing and one of them being social media to in the end determine which would be most suitable? I'm not very sure, since I don't know the business details and such. But just an idea.
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Mon Oct 2,2017 02:00 AM

I’ve just done my HL business IA and got a pretty good mark in it although I didn’t spend ages on it, no one has time for that. I would definitely start by picking the business that you can get really good and reliable info from, so maybe a family business or if you know the owners. Then you need to find an issue they need to solve and formulate the entire project around that. I think that’s it’s easier to do it that way rather than focusing on just areas of the syllabus that you are confident with - also it will help u to get better at other areas of the syllabus. Also would recommend looking at guides for format online, there’s heaps around and they’re really helpful. I added heaps of stuff in about limitations of my research too, this helps make a balanced argument, and ur info will have bias anyway. Hope this helps

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