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Wed Sep 6,2017 07:42 PM

The point of this thread is so you can find a revision partner where you both can help each other to survive this journey of completing IB. How this is going to work? Simply answer the following questions by posting below:
1) IBDP Year: 1 or 2?
2) Subjects - you can just click on the persons profile

Remember now with our inbox feature it is possible to create groupchat as well so don't limit this to only one person. This will hopefully test out our inbox feature and see if there are any bugs
As many people will post their requirements, I'm sure many other people would have same/similar subjects, now this is where you can connect with each other by Private messaging! I believe this would help alot of us.
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Wed Sep 6,2017 09:20 PM

1) Year 2
2) HL: Global Politics, English Lit, Biology
SL: French B (7), Spanish B (7), Math Studies
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Thu Sep 7,2017 03:55 AM

1) starting Year 2 in a week
2) HL: English B, Biology, Chemistry
SL: Arabic A, Math, History
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Fri Sep 8,2017 11:55 AM

Started Year 1 a week ago! HL: Maths, Economics, English B. SL: German ab, CS, Lithuanian
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Sat Sep 9,2017 05:09 PM

1) DP2
2) HLS: French (fluent so I can help you), Theatre, Psychology
SLS: Math Studies, ESS, English L.L
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Sun Sep 17,2017 06:04 PM

Year 1
Subjects: SL Math, HL Bio, HL History (20th century topics), HL LAL English, SL Psychology, SL Spanish
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Mon Sep 25,2017 02:27 PM

DP 1
HL: English LAL, History, Chinese B
SL: Math, Biology, Psychology
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Mon Oct 9,2017 09:14 PM

@Year 1
HL: Mathematics, Psychology, Economics

SL: Biology, English LAL, Russian LAL
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Tue Dec 5,2017 04:49 PM

Year 1
HL- bio, chem and French, SL- English LaL, Maths and psych

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