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Thu Apr 28,2016 08:26 AM

I've been wondering a lot about how compatible religion is within the framework of the IB philosophy. They want us to be inquisitive learners, yet somehow blind faith doesn't seem to fit in very well with seeking ultimate truths and knowledge. The whole 'scientific method' we learn about in TOK basically directly opposes most of the things written in the bible or the quaran.

What are your thoughts on this matter? I feel that the IB avoids the topic completely to avoid upsetting a lot of religious students
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Thu Apr 28,2016 06:08 PM

That's definitely an interesting observation, considering that a lot of IB students go to international schools (where religious and cultural tolerance are a must)
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Thu Apr 28,2016 07:18 PM

I think they want you to use religion if you have any as an area of discussion and critique. Being an atheist is probably the best though.
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Fri Apr 29,2016 09:45 PM

Faith is in the framework for TOK, so it logically follows that there is a major correlation between the faith of a person and how they perceive the world. The goal of TOK should not be to shoot down a person's religion, but it should question their perspective of the religion and others along with it.
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Tue May 10,2016 04:23 AM

The ib made me lose my faith tbh
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Sat May 21,2016 02:58 PM

I lost religion Freshman year in biology lol, & now nearly every class is dismissing it like TOK, English, & physics
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Mon Jun 6,2016 08:31 AM

I would think it's in the spirit of ToK, at least, even if a lot of what else they teach revolves around evolution in some way. Imo the christian faith is not blind - as blind as believing in the theory of Evolution is. In the spirit of ToK I'll say that the Bible is the most historically accurate document we have, even if not 100%. But I think there's ample evidence that the Bible was actually written around the time that Jesus is claimed to have lived (based on our dating system), and there's good evidence also that there were christians around then, and that it's about when the belief originated. (Looking at conversations between Pliny Sr and Jr. on the persecution of christians in early rome) Moreover, for people to rather die than give up their faith even in the early days - there has to be something to it. So that's where I stand.
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Mon Jun 6,2016 08:37 AM

May I also say that the scientific method was built and perfected by christians, and that Newton, Galileo, Carl Von Linne… (for more look at this list of highly influential scientists Might I also say that it is as impossible to properly test macroevolution as it is to test whether Jesus really existed, or even say the far history of the earth under evolution as the creation account?
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Mon Jun 6,2016 08:26 PM

I don't think that the IB goes against religion, I just think that it challenges all students to question their reasons for belief and not take everything at face value. If your religious values have been based on blindly following what someone has told you then the IB is definitely will shake things up. If you have carefully evaluated what you believe or are willing to do this I see no reason that the IB would defy your religion.
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Wed Jun 8,2016 08:14 PM

Specifically in my ToK class, religion is largely dismissed and ridiculed, but all the IB has done for me in this area is given me motivation to seek answers by studying the bible more closely, but then again I consider myself a very open-minded Christian in many ways, and do believe that the theory of evolution can work in harmony with the bible in order to paint a picture of what happened in the beginning. If you have a firm enough belief based on your own experiences and observations, then IB may simply strengthen your faith as it did for me.
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Wed Oct 5,2016 09:43 PM

One of the AOKs in TOK is Religious Knowledge Systems. Which Textbook do you use for TOK?
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Thu Oct 6,2016 08:15 PM

TOK does not say AT ALL that Religion is not valid-it just says to be careful of incorporating religion into logical arguments. I personally believe that Religion lives in an entirely different dimension of knowledge, away from what Reason can prove. Reason doesn't work in this dimension; and at the same time, religion shouldn't work in the other, either.
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Sat Oct 22,2016 11:49 PM

I'm Catholic, go to a catholic school and I found the concept of atheism vs. Religion never really bothered me, I find it's more on how you perceive it. If you're not open to new ideas or digging into the truth a little (within reason of course, don't go around bashing religions), then you're not learning what you should be from IB.

I'd say don't let it bug you, and have fun doing some exploring.
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Thu Jun 22,2017 07:35 PM

I'm a pre IB student and I live in a Muslim country (don't kill me) and I'm also a Muslim myself and by law of the country I have to take a class called Islamic so instead of having 6 subjects plus TOK and EE I also have to take an extra class that isn't included in my points but is still graded by the government. So many students don't have. A choice of loosing their faith since it's drilled into our head at least once a week

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