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Sat Aug 5,2017 12:55 PM

Hi... I'm looking for help with finding a research question for my history EE. I really like the topic of the Israeli-Palestinian conflicts. Some ideas that I have looked into is the UN and how it was an effective neutral organization or possible how Israeli related to the Cold War/suez crisis in the suez-Sinai war... any ideas ???
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Tue Sep 19,2017 10:36 AM

You have to be careful with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict because with history topics it has to be at least 10 years in the past. While you could do something about how the Suez Crisis affected the Cold War you have to be careful to not go too close to the present. You may be able to look at the conflict from the religion point of view, like to what extent did religion play a role in the conflict between Israel and Palestine. I would talk with your EE overseer and see what they say.

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