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Mon Jul 31,2017 12:14 PM

In a couple of weeks I'll be going into highschool and taking my first year of pre-IB. I'm not sure what to expect I'm quite ecstatic and nervous, I haven't been able to get school off of my mind this entire summer. Anyways, my classes will be
English 9
Spanish 1
Adv. Biology
AP Human ego
My first worry is that I want to change my schedule, but I'm not sure what to do. Any advice? I want to take Algebra 2 as well and read that a lot of other kids were successful taking two math classes. Or perhaps take AP bio because I've always excelled in science and I have a deeper passion for science. These are all just ideas, hopefully my school allows me to haha.

My second worry is I'm not sure if I can handle IB or AP classes. Sometimes I'm rather confident that I'll make it but I think that is some blind egotistical side that prides myself too much. However, most the time I doubt, worry and stress quite a bit. I've read so much about how IB is difficult, I know so many people who dropped out of IB because it was too difficult and damaged them mentally, and I have been told not to take this programme by peers, teachers and even some family members. However, I applied and I'm quite determined to get the diploma and prove everyone who has ever doubted me wrong. I applied because I want a real challenge and i dislike taking easy routes, and I have some real big aspirations and goals for my future. I apologize for getting so preachy. I wanted to know if someone like me will make it in IB. I've always been a dedicated student, I may not be the smartest but I am hardworking, and I am a huge perfectionist. I've had perfect grades all throug middle school (which means nothing, I know), I've been through a lot of county science fairs (made it to state once), recognized as the most achieved 8th grader and I get all of that means nothing. I worry that I'm so overconfident that I will make it, work hard and then fail. Of course you can prevent failure by studying and giving all of yourself, and I guess all I need is just a reassuring pat on the back that I'll be okay. I'm sorry this is just turning into a rant.

In conclusion of this overly long and unnecessary thread, i would love it if someone could possibly give me advice for freshmen year or IB in general. I just cannot calm the nerves.. thank you for reading.
~ Jennie
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Honestly? Just chill for pre-IB. If you feel like it's hard then DONT do IB as it will tear you apart. But if it comes quiet normally to you do the full IB. I am not familiar with the American system and how well it prepares you but in our school everyone except like 10 students of each year do the IB and graduate. It's not that hard with modern YT videos and some studying. The only problem I see conning is that the Math courses such as Algebra etc are to onesided and not like the IB, looking at all Maths parts. Maybe I am wrong because I don't know what you cover in algebra, geometry etc but if you just cover a couple of very focused topics take 2 math courses and you'll be better suited for math SL or HL
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Pre-IB classes should do a fairly decent job of preparing you for IB, as well as an AP class. (I'm starting my junior year & the full DP this year, I took pre IB & 1 AP class.) I'd start out with one AP class, just to make sure you aren't over-loading your schedule, and if it goes well for you, you can take another one next year! If that's what you choose to do, maybe take AP Bio next year?? That way the information will still be fresh in your brain for IB. From what little I know about you from your post, I think you'll do just fine in IB- you seem like exactly the type of student IB was made for. Best of luck!
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I never even took pre-IB and I’m doing just fine

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