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Thu Jul 20,2017 12:04 PM

Does it matter if the tutors are very knowledgeable of the ib program or does it not matter as long as they know the topic ?
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Thu Jul 20,2017 12:41 PM

It helps a lot but isn't a necessity. Are you starting year1 after the summer?
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Thu Jul 20,2017 01:23 PM

i think because of the specific nature of IB stuff and grading criterion, its preferable to have someone who was in the program or has taught it. for example, id much rather have a recent IB grad be my econ tutor instead of some university professor who may be a better 'econ expert' but he's not an ib econ expert
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Thu Jul 20,2017 01:25 PM

in fact, unless its something like math, i would highly suggest finding an IB experienced person. otherwise you are going to spend half the time explaining to them what IAs are and how IB works etc
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Thu Jul 20,2017 01:26 PM

*language tutors are another exception and can be a lifesaver (regardless of IB experience). source: had a little old dutch lady basically help me ace my dutch oral, she still doesnt know what IB is
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Thu Jul 20,2017 09:14 PM

I would say the same applies for physics. The physics doesn't change from tutor to tutor and the curriculum tells you what is needed. Although I would suggest a IB teacher as they know what's asked most often in the exams

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