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Sat Jul 15,2017 07:32 PM

I'm entering my first year of IB DP this September, and I'm freaking out. To calm my nerves a bit, I'd really appreciate answers to the following questions:

• How long do you typically work on homework?
• How much time do you usually devote (studying and homework) to different subjects? (SL vs. HL, for example)
• What are some good/unique ideas for a CAS project?
• Any suggestions for CAS activities? (mainly service)
• Do you have any advice for someone who struggles greatly with procrastination, time management, and perfectionism?
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Sat Jul 15,2017 08:13 PM

In my case homework doesn't take up a lot of time, I practice about 2 hours a day about 10 days in advance for exams and tests, CAS projects I did where to organize and orchestrate cleaning squads in my school, organize a afternoon program for 10-12 year olds once a week and help out in a retirement home for two weeks during my holidays (These are the ones which fit your description the best). For procrastination I can only say... Don't!!!!
Practice over the summer how to keep a schedule by lets say doing some activity such as sport everyday for a specific amount of time.
Procrastination is one of the most dangerous things. Try to get rid of it asap!
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Sat Jul 15,2017 08:15 PM

And if you know somebody who did or currently does the IB at your school contact them and let them tell you everything they know and have experienced.
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Mon Jul 17,2017 05:47 PM

Hey kiara! So I don't want to freak you out with any of my responses! My main advice for DP1 is enjoy challenging yourself and learning. Put 100% effort into everything you do and stay on top of your work. I can assure you that will help a great deal in the long run! Also feel free to ask me any other questions you might have! Now onto my answers...

-regarding homework that really varies because after a couple months into the program you tend to have a mix of typical homework that is due that week and long term projects like written tasks which you need to devote additional time to. I would say on average I would spend a solid 3-4 hours each day on work in general...
- now homework regarding different subjects also depends... mine isn't exactly split very evenly between HL and SL subjects, for example I will spend the majority of time doing psychology and economics simply because I got more work from the teachers.. but try and balance it because now I am feeling the effect of not having done too much for maths..!
- for CAS projects I would recommend anything that you have great joy in but can also get something great out of. One I did that worked super well was the Duke of Edinburgh Award, but not all schools offer that
- CAS service ... tutoring maybe? It's not too time consuming!
- ok now the last question which is tough... don't worry I totally get you on this one! Procrastination.. I find apps help that you can block certain websites with.. I've blocked YouTube and tumblr and such for example so as soon as I know I have stuff to do and need to concentrate I open my laptop and without thinking press block button so I have no other choice but to work! Time management... get a planner!! Honestly or an online to do list or something of the sort! Just to at least get your deadlines straight! Also a bit more of an 'abstract' tip if you will... do what you feel like doing.. don't make yourself do something you are not in the mood for (unless of course a deadline is looming) that way you are being productive without stressing yourself! And if I am perfectly honest j am still trying to figure the perfectionism one out myself...
I really hope this helped!! As I said, don't be afraid to contact me if you have any other questions!

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