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Thu Jun 29,2017 06:01 AM

So I've just finished two years of pre-IB and I will start Year 1 this fall. I'm extremely nervous of what to expect and I am just wondering on what I can do in summer months to prepare for the actual really scary IB!!!!!!! Maybe start on EE's, I have no clue?

Anything I should prepare for specific courses as well? I'm taking Mathematics HL, Biology SL, Chemistry SL, English HL, French SL, Economics and TOK?
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Thu Jun 29,2017 10:08 AM

Go with the flow it's totally manageable.... enjoy your holidays for once! I wouldnt start with the ias yet, the exchanged you will have with the teachers will really help you with your topics and knowing how to write them best.
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Thu Jun 29,2017 12:32 PM

I would say enjoy your last care-free summer vacation because next summer vacation is when you'll have to work on your EE and IA's etc... you won't be able to enjoy it then. It's also hard for you to choose IA topics since you haven't started covering the material, same goes for TOK. If you have the books however, you can start going through the material. Especially for MAth HL as it is one of the harder courses.
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Thu Jun 29,2017 04:36 PM

Okay, thanks so much!!!!!!

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