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Thu Jun 22,2017 07:28 PM

Can someone tell me the difference between full dp and courses.
Also do universities accept courses and is it very rare that university's accept courses
Thank you
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Thu Jun 22,2017 11:52 PM

@With the IB DP, you required to complete 3 HL and 3 SL subjects along with the extended essay (4000 words) and the TOK course. Courses it doesn't matter how many HLs and SLs. You could no all SLs and no HLs or vice versa, any combination. Also you don't have to complete TOK but your extended essay only has to be 2000 words, half the amount of the full IB DP. Depending on your school you might still have to compete CAS like in my school you still have to complete CAS even if you do courses. University wise, it really depends on the country you want to go to and the university and degree itself. You might want to do some research yourself and find out what the requirements are for what you want to study. Also try to find out how your final IBDP grade converts to the entry grade you need for the country (for example. The ATAR score for Australia) Hope this helped a little :)

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