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Some interesting statistics

[1] Female to Male discrepancy ratio has reached a new high in 5 or more years, reaching 1.09069...
which accounts of 52.16...% being female.

[2] Pass rate (and total average IB score) has reached a new low in 5 or more years, almost falling below 70% after a consistent 80% over the past 4 years.
For the 30% of students that failed:
Good luck next year :/

[3] Surprisingly, the subject group that got the highest A percentage of EE is Group 5 Mathematics & Computer Sciences. 32.91...% of students doing a Group 5 EE got an A.
Of course, it is also the least popular EE subject choice as usual, with only 2.4% of IB students doing a Group 5 EE.

[4] The subjects with the highest mean grades are: Chinese B SL, Chinese B HL, and Dance HL, with 6.76, 6.61 and 6.58 respectively.
81%, 64% and 65% of the students there respectively got a 7.

[5] On the contrary, the subjects with the lowest mean grades are:
Chemistry SL, mean 3.68, 50% got a 3 or below
Biology SL, mean 3.82, 47% got a 3 or below
Business & Management SL, mean 3.83, 48% got a 3 or below
Math Studies SL, mean 3.85, 45% got a 3 or below

[6] Surprisingly, there are no candidates that failed IB with a score of more than 35.
In previous years, it is not rare to find a candidate or two who failed the Diploma albeit getting a total score of 41 or something lol.
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With "bonus points" they mean the extra points you get if the grade boundaries are moved?
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@andrewws pretty sure they are referring to the three 'bonus' points you get from TOK + EE
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@azouev ahh ok thank you!

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