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Wed Jun 21,2017 05:52 PM

When alumnus report they are one or two points away from the next boundary, how likely is it that remarking will increase the grade? Is it truly effective and worth it? How much does it even cost? How long does it take for remarking? Is there a downside at all? Is the person remarking from a totally different region in the world? Any responses would be appreciated preferably from personal experiences though..
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Thu Jun 29,2017 10:09 AM

I think its pretty expensive and they can even downgrade you...
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Mon Sep 4,2017 05:58 AM

I do know it is quite expensive, and there's always the risk of downgrading. Never heard of anyone who actually had the guts to do it, to be honest.
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Sun Oct 22,2017 06:50 PM

My friend only needed 2 points for a 7 and got her exam remarked, and her grade actually increased! I don't know how many points she got, but she has a 7 now.

She had to pay 85 euros to get it remarked, but got her money back, as her grade was increased.

Not sure how long it took - we got our results in July 6, and I think she got her remark result by early-mid August.

In the end it went well for her, but I can't speak for everyone. If you missed a grade by only one or two points, and if you personally believed that you deserved better, I think you should go for it. Personally, I was just 4 points short for a 7, but my exam hadn't gone 'that' well and I didn't think my grade would actually increase, so I didn't get my paper remarked. So, it's kinda up to how you feel about your paper, really :)

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